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Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

Since the process of cooling is very important link in our production chain, our company chose Carrier as long year partner for our needs for process cooling and air conditioning of the office buildings.
- Tome Nikolovski, Alkaloid AD Skopje

During the refurbishment of our new apartment we were searching for solution for central heating and cooling of our home. From the solutions presented, we have chosen Carrier heat pump. The system provides us comfort throughout the year taking in consideration the low energy bills.
- Aleksandar Krstevski, Skopje

As huge challenge we have decided to build a factory in Macedonia for manufacturing automotive catalysts. One of our important element in our production is process cooling. We chose Carrier chiller with state of the art technology which will provide us continuous work during the whole production year.
- Bob Ristevski, Johnson Matthey – FEZ Bunardzik

I was looking for a quality air conditioner which would most efficiently meet the family needs for both cooling and heating throughout the year. From the variety of brands on offer, my decision wasn’t difficult. I chose Carrier inverter air conditioner because of the excellent reputation of the manufacturer and the service of their dealer, Energija doo. We have been using the Carrier inverter for 3 years now and are exceptionally satisfied because this air conditioner provides us with the desired level of ambient comfort with minimal energy consumption.
- Predrag Janakievski, Vest Inmec doo, Skopje

During designing HVAC systems we always want to have system that full fills the requested parameters: required capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, creating comfort, small dimensions etc. In most of our designing tasks we have to do balance between all these requests in order to full fill the required parameters. In cooperation with Carrier we always have solution for all of the demanding tasks.
- Dragan Bitrakovski, Prima Inzenering Skopje

In my company I had need for cooling of several office rooms in which I had previously installed central heating. My request was quality unit that can cool in the summer period and have possibility to heat during the pre heating season, having in account low starting investment. The choice was Carrier Allegro room air conditioners, I am already using them for two years and I am satisfied with their performance both in cooling and heating mode.
- Gjorgi Bozinovski, MBS dooel Skopje

Our company is market leader in contracting, installation and servicing of HVAC installations. Always when we have chance we recommend Carrier because as main contractors of big projects we always want to have satisfied customer which is our motive for continuation of our work.
- Mile Mladenovski, Krater dooel Skopje

As a man who spent several years working in America, the quality of Carrier is well known. In my new house in Skopje I have chosen Carrier units with inverter technology which works up to -15 oC outdoor temperature in heating mode and at the same time reducing the energy consumption to minimum.
- Bobi R., Skopje

Kontakt 2000 is market leader in servicing and installation of RLC products for air conditioning. In our 15 years experience we can stress out that Carrier products are one of the most reliable units that we have installed and serviced. We have cases where we maintenance air conditioners from Carrier that are 20 years old and they work perfectly (even better then some of the present brands) with small interventions throughout the years.
- Ljupco Maslarkov, Kontakt 2000 Servis doo Skopje

Our winery is always visited by many guests and tourists from all over the world. As oldest winery in the Balkans, we have to provide our best services to the visitors. We have chosen Carrier for air conditioning which provides us great comfort conditions for our guests.
- Riste Elenov, Vila Marija Winery – Demir Kapija

My company is Carrier dealer for residential units for Bitola region. Until now I have more than 30 satisfied customers, mainly for inverter units that are working even on extremely low outdoor air temperatures which sometimes are the case in Bitola.
- Jordan Siljanovski, Euro Klima Bitola

In my long year experience in designing HVAC systems I have need for experienced partner in designing in the sense of large product basket, detailed product data, selection software, great product performance and certified products. Working with company as Carrier all of these things I have in one place.
- Todor Peev, Skopje

Building the biggest furniture showroom and the new Home Center in Skopje a big issue for air conditioning of the building appeared. This was due to the big surface area that the building coveres and the different air conditioning zones that the building was divided on. We choused Carrier chiller and fan coil units which full filled our strict demands with best performances.
- Ljupco Stojkovski, Bujoto Skopje

Being successful designer not only requires vast knowledge and expertise for HVAC designing it requires also continuous informing of the newest trends and innovations in HVAC industry. Carrier as world leader provides information and presentation of the highest technical achievements and its application in the everyday projects.
- Straso Ilievski, Elbi Skopje